Saturday, 24 November 2012

Day 5 - The rule of three... Adorable Genie, Cheeky Emperor & Hilarious Villain!

"What is that unforgettable line?" {Samuel Beckett}

Hooray readers... the weekend has arrived... the perfect opportunity for you to catch up with reading the days of the blog you may have missed!  I am not called tomorrow as it's a dance call with the juves, so I too have the weekend off and will be catching up with "the lads" from Brownhills (my home town) - for a very untheatrical weekend.  Tomorrow is also our "title protagonists" birthday!!  So Happy Birthday Emma!!!  Hope you have a good one!!

Lets start tonight with a quick run down of last nights festivities at the Guildford light switch on.  It was great meeting "old friends, new friends and the girlfriend" for a drink or two and a catch up, I won't list everyone for sack of timing.  I sampled the mulled wine and German sausages available on the High Street - as I thought only polite to do so!  We had a cracking view of the town hall balcony, standing just by the Tunsgate arches.  We we're all cheering for the panto cast, including PG, Emma, Susie & Kit.  I was apparently very bashful when I got a mention and the others started cheering... "oh you guys!" Sandy couldn't stay with us all night unfortunately as she had to get back to pack... off to my homeland for her panto today.. so break a leg Jarvo!

It was a great turnout, despite the horrid weather and great PR for the panto!  Having PG on board is great for the show and the theatre as it gets more airtime than the other local pantomimes because of his personal connection.  PG is very good at what he does I have to say... not only on the radio but with people in general - he kept the crowds entertained for two hours yesterday - a personal highlight being the mascot that tried to upstage him: nearly succeeding.  He was also "busking for the trust" at lunchtime, so not only entertaining but doing good for local charities too!  Although... I think Gerry may have told him he needs some singing practice for his number with Royce!!

Today was spent going over sections of Act 1 and then doing a run through to see what stage we were at with it.  It was so enjoyable to see it coming together and to see/hear sections afresh.  The number between Kit & Susie sounds even better and the choreograph that goes with it is hilarious!  More ensemble numbers were also a nice surprise!  We've been really lucky with the ensemble this year, they are fantastic and they seem like a lovely bunch, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better over the run.

Emma and I had tears rolling down our cheeks this afternoon, talking to Kit.  He's so naughty but so funny.  I think he must have a "BA Hons in Unendo".  He has a such a wonderful voice too - very silky tones!  If you're not familiar with Kit & the Widow... look them up on YouTube and search for the Swansong!!  It's beautiful!  I can see already that we're going to have some fun with Kit over the coming months - I suspect mischief!  What i love even more about him is that he has converted the back of his transit van into mini theatrical digs!  So if you see a big van around Guildford over Christmas with strange sounds coming out of it, don't worry!!!  It'll just be Kit doing a warming up pre-performance!

I'm also looking forward to getting to know Susie better - she is such a sweetheart and has a wealth of experience!  She's also in or has been in two of my favourite programmes, Coronation St & Mrs Browns Boy's, which she's in again over the Christmas period for the specials and then the new series in 2013.  She's seems a very calm person when she's sitting around the rehearsal room or chatting to you, but then as soon as she's on stage - 'switch on' and out comes all this energy.  She's naturally funny and very giving to the other actors; she'll hiss & boo and call out when other people are doing scenes.  I think the children will love her and warm to her instantly!

There are some rehearsal shots that were taken this afternoon on the Yvonne Arnaud Facebook page... so do pop over and have a look!  And.. when you're there, why not follow them on Twitter too!!!  Their twitter account is brilliant and very active!  It's not just boring advertising like other theatres can fall into.

Right folks, enjoy your weekend and I'll see you again on Monday when we move onto Act 2!  I'm so excited to see what Gerry has in stall for us!!!

Best Wishes,

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