Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 6 - Slapsticking and stick-slapping!

"Whenever you fall, pick something up"  {Oswald Theodore Avery}

Are we all well rested after the weekend?!  I certainly am... a little too much perhaps.  I've had a weekend of watching Norman Wisdom films and the old ITV pantomimes... "it's all research Darling!"  Also threw a bit of reading from Bob Monkhouses "unpublished articles" to top up the one-liner bank!  Other than that all I seemed to have done is eat and drink, mugs of tea - one after another!!  That's the only problem when I'm home alone with nothing to do... I get bored and end up just waiting for the next meal or cuppa!  I think of should have tea and coffee on intravenous drip.

Saying that I did manage to get some stuff done on the Internet and go to the gym; a funny thing to do on a Sunday evening, but I'm very glad I went... turns out I've hit my magic target weight of 12 stone and a BMI of 24.8 - that's quite an odd thing for a bloke to get excited about - but considering I used to be 15 stone it feels like quite an achievement AND... with sixty odd manic panto shows coming up, hopefully it'll continue to drop off... unless those mince pies and Eggnog lattes prove to tempting, too often!

Today was the day I've been looking forward too!!  It's back folks - The "Twelve Days of Christmas" is back by popular demand.  if you haven't seen the skit before: a) where have you been and b) you're in for a treat - it's a panto classic and very funny.  If you have seen it before (maybe even in Guildford as recent as last year) FEAR NOT.... we've played around with it, so it's something new and exciting for everyone!   I was a little worried to start with, I don't mind admitting, because we haven't followed the usual format.  However... there's so much slapstick and mayhem in such a short period of time the audience should be howling!  Being the stooge I spend most of my time on the floor, being sloshed or picking stuff up off the floor!  Plus we have an additional large prop within the scene which will add to the mayhem, especially for Joe Allen.  PG will be losing even more weight over the run, judging by how much we were all sweating this afternoon (there'll be nothing left of him at this rate) and I will be paying a few visits down to the stalls - so if I zip past you... do say "Hello!"

Slosh is the theatrical term used for the "messy scene" which features in most but not all pantomimes.  It means to spill or splash.  The most known slosh scenes include, in the kitchen (Cinderella), The dairy (Jack & the Beanstalk), a bathroom or something like the 12 Days.  other examples include dummy (filled) hats and custard wellies. 

So that's the slapsticking but what about the stick slapping?  Well we ran the first few scenes with the babes today to incorporate them into the action and believe me Pongo doesn't hold back with his truncheon!!  There's poking and head bopping in at every opportunity and then some!  Gerry's even created a nice little first entrance for me using the ensemble girls!  I've no doubt the opening scene will develop even more before we open as it's so free.  It's a fun scene!

I got to see my glorious walkdown costume for the first time today!  My God Jamie Attle, is a genius.  All of the costumes for the show look amazing, so vibrant and striking.  the stage is going to be awash with colour.  The poor guy was up at 5:30 today working on bits and bobs, which is unsurprising, considering how much he does.  I think virtually everything is made by hand, give or take the odd helmet or wig - I don't know how he does it!  If you're coming please take a moment to appreciate the brilliant costumes!!

I did my first "Panto Plank" today - a twitter craze from "Panto_Day", an online organisation attempting to promote pantomime and create a community for performers, crew and panto panto lovers alike!  I can't believe I hadn't found this sooner - I've ordered my T-shirt and some badges, so do take a look at and support them in anyway you can!!it's such a brilliant idea and proves not just how popular Pantomime still is  but also the sense of community and belonging it can rouse; people from all the rival production companies and theatres, united for the main cause, promoting panto! PANTO DAY = WED 5th DEC!

Right I'll leave you with my first plank photo and for now sign off.  A cuppa and my bed are calling!
Night all!

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