Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day 8 - The start of the end!

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. {Edwin Denby}

Good evening dear readers.  Another day done and another day closer to opening night [Cue song from "The Producers"]!  Just  a short one today as we didn't do too much script work today.  Gerry concentrated more on the blocking of the musical numbers, whilst the actors not involved, had a chance for a cuppa or two and go over lines etc.  I managed to sneak in a quick crossword.... just to keep the grey matter alive!

The other benefit of not being involved with these songs is... we get to watch!  Emma, Susie and our wonderful ensemble were working on the closing of Act 1 and it was amazing watching Gerry and Jill put it all together and seeing it all slot into place!  Emma and Susie looked like they were really enjoying it as well - although only they know whether this is true or not...!

The spectating didn't last for long though... tonight we started to set the finale number - which is my one and only dance set.  Now, I have no shame in saying that my dance moves leave much to be desired.  "Fairy on a gob of lard" does not do my skills justice... I'm more like a blindfolded Bambi on ice!  So you can imagine my surprise and adulation when I seemed to pick up the moves.  The ensemble would probably have something to say on the contrary - but for me.... it was a good start!

Took some funny pictures during the day for display on Twitter, including one of PG in some funky looking yellow jogging bottoms!!  You wouldn't have missed him today if you tried!  But fair to say, he pulls them off better than I ever could!  Whilst on the topic of PG, I forgot to mention a classic moment from yesterday...  We were having a run through with all the principals in the downstairs room.  Me and PG walked on for the start of our scene, when he turns upstage and starts  delivering the dialogue, back to the "audience" or in this case the director and the rest of the cast!  Cue laughter from the rest of us and many digs about "why he's on radio" - he took the stick gracefully!

Off to TGI's with the ensemble & Joe for tea tomorrow... apparently we're wearing "flats and lipstick!" - I may struggle with the flats!  I'm looking forward to that, they seem a great bunch and it'll be good to get to know them all better!  There's already been plenty of twitter banter flying around!

Early one tomorrow unfortunately as we're running through the whole show and working where required... so to avoid the God awful Guildford traffic I've got to be up at a ridiculous hour, so for now...

Night night!

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