Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 13 - Technically Technical Technicalities.

"And on the first day the lord said. . . . . .LX1, GO! and there was light." {Dan Mills}

So... Tuesday was the start of the technical rehearsal.  Here's where we finally get the chance to work with all the props, our costumes and of course the set - which in one of my scenes is VERY important.  A lot of actors don't like the tech, saying it's tedious and boring - I  for some reason love it.  I think what these actors forget is that it's not their rehearsal.  We've had two weeks to practice our bits, for the crew this is their first crack of the whip, so surely they can be forgiven nedding to go over things a couple of times, after all it's only going to make the cast look better!

My first job of the day was to settle in to my dressing room!  I'd collected my decorations from my parents a few weeks ago, which have been sitting patiently in my bedroom waiting to be freed!  Now - they have been!  I parked by the dock doors and off loaded thirty odd bottles of water, some food, fruit & goodies and most importantly... thirty-two heavenly little cans of GINGER BEER!!!!  I'm now ready for whatever panto throws at me!

So Panto Christmas tree, deco's and tinsel all up, with a nice mince pie and a wee dram (of sherry) just to toast the start of my Christmas.... I do this with my parents at home.  Now onto the rest of my dressing room.  Different actors have different rituals and routines they follow when they get into their dressing rooms - I'll explain mine...

First and foremost for me is my little "teabreak" set up.  I always have my own mug, (this year supplied by the wonderful folk at the D&P) teas and coffee and my little travel kettle - which boils just enough for one.  But never fear - should I have a guest... i have smaller cups!  Then on to my Make-up.  Then come the laptop, set up and ready with itunes, internet and Spotify, for a little music or research. 
I have to have a box of tissues and wipes, and my heavy duty make-up box to hand, when I apply it I'll sort out what I need for this particular show and leave that out - nice and neatly, because I'm a little O.C.D with things like that.  Then I have my towels... need a couple of those... nice and soft for wiping my 'boat race' when taking the make-up off.  There's my mini Boots chemist (other good pharmacies available) with my Vitamin C, cod liver, multi vits, Echinacea, Propolis, smelling salts,  lip balm and tiger balm - with a spare head pack available in case of any aches in the lumber region and finally my trusty Arnicare.  Reading it back I realise how camp that all sounds - but it's best to be prepared. 

Once all my bits and bobs are out, then it's time for photos and cards etc, just to make it a little more homely.  The script is always to hand, just in case (especially as I'm having to learn understudy lines) as is my inhaler just as a relief for a sudden "wheeeeze!"  We move to the sink; mouthwash, aftershave, hair stuff, deodorant, hand soap and shaving apparel.  "One has to be smelling sweet for my public Darlings!" Talking of sweet smells, there's a nice candle to improve the sweaty aroma and for down times, my journal (handwritten this time) and my book!  And finally... as it's crimbo, a bowl of sweets for guests and a stack of Christmas cards... yet to be scribbled on.  So there we have it... five minutes to read how I tart up my dressing room!  What a Queen!

Eventually after getting fitted up with my mic pack by the leg-end that is Christoff Tindalson... we do a quick sound check and prepare to begin.  It went well last night.. and we managed to get up to Act 1 Scene 3; stopping when the set that I have to "go through" decided to malfunction.  To but it bluntly I "mangled the mangle!"  No doubt our fabulous crew will have a solution sorted come morning.

After all that it was home, to steam and chill out before early doors!  Long day today = tired Pongo!  And it's going to be even longer tomorrow!

Night all

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