Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 16 - We have lift off (on a magic carpet!)

"The Roar of the Greasepaint, the smell of the crowd!" {Musical title from 1965}

Dear readers never fear Pongo and his diaries have returned after a short hiatus. many apologies for this but as you can imagine it's been a very busy week and in turn very tiring. Every night this week I've trundled home and gone straight to bed without penning a few words - but don't worry - we're back!!

So what have you been missing?! Well let me give you a run down.

Wednesday saw us finishing the tech. it was a long old day but nice to know we finally had everything set. The problems with our mangled mangle were fixed as suggested by our wonderful crew and all the timings for the quick changes and slosh recoveries have been figured out. It was all starting to take real shape by this point.

Come Thursday we were ready for our two dress rehearsals. After working a couple of moments Gerry had issue with, got into costume make up and started the first dress, which Brian of Fox Photography was capturing on film for us. I can't wait to see the shots - Brian tends to get some fantastic show shots!! Hopefully there'll be a few to use on - WHAT?!?! You haven't visited the website.... I think you should.....! the first dress had a couple of problems, more to do with pace and keeping the story prominent.

I somehow managed to swallow a massive gob of shaving foam in the slosh scene. i couldn't believe it, I took a massive gasp and inhaled said gob, prompting much gagging and spluttering mid scene. Funnily enough the exact same thing happened the last time I was here. Believe me it's not a nice feeling having foam down your windpipe!

I personally thought the second dress was a lot better, and I managed to get through without swallowing any more foam.  Thankfully, although a little raw from all the coughing, my voice held out… it was home to rest with a bit of a steam and a healthy dose of port & brandy!! Purely medicinal of course! The nerves were starting to really kick in by this point though… we’ve had this stuff down for so long now – without an audience, we tend to forget if we’re funny or not.  There is of course a sure fire way of judging your funniness – the imminent opening show audience!

In they spilled on Friday, our first 14:30 show – minus Abanazer!  Kit was off doing his annual comedy gig for Prince Charles with comedy legends such as Ronnie Corbett & Jimmy Tarbuck to name but two!  I would have loved to have seen the show – unfortunately it’s an invited audience and more importantly – I had my own show to be getting on with!!!

It went ok I think.  Very quiet audience and there were still a couple of points that seemed to have stickiness to them, but we got through the first one and got the much needed laughter.  For Pongo I don’t think the audience warmed to him as I’d have hoped, so made a couple of self-imposed notes to try and win them over quicker!  Thankfully for the opening night performance – in front of the Lady Mayor of Guildford – I felt a little nicer!!  Although there was a comment or two that I was a bit nasty and vicious with my truncheon to start with!

We had a lovely moment, where Joe reacted to a bash on the head a little late.
“That was a bit delayed!” I said getting a nice titter.  If things like that are happening in show two – it’s a good sign that we’ll be having a few laughs with each other as we settle in and develop the show.

Afterwards, I jumped into my whistle and flute, for the function, laid on by the Arnaud management.  I was greeted by some old faces from my ushering days, who were eager to know if I remembered them.  Such a warming feeling to be remembered back! The annual crew party has been postponed to Sunday night instead this year (the night before our day off) so we all tootled over to the Brit for a little gathering!  Such fun was had by all – especially with the relief of finally being OPEN!!!

Best wishes and "We'll see you on the Green!"

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