Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 21 - Pongo and his Magic LUMP!!

"The delights the ten thousand million delights of a pantomime." {Charles Dickens}

Hello readers... Pongo is back for a quick update from pantoland after another busy few days.  "Momma & Poppa Pongo" we're in on Saturday followed by a very tasty curry, so I had little chance for an update then and Sunday was the crew party night.  Mom and dad really enjoyed it, so that was good to hear... they're always very honest with me and wouldn't pander for the sake of it.

Come party night I'd already told people that I was going to have one or two and then head home - as so often happens though that one or two turned into seven or eight or more...!  It was a lovely evening... spent mostly chatting to Mr Barber, Jane my agent, Emma, Leighton and the third Jamie of the group (Mr Attle - costume designer).  I'd bedded down and claimed the Belvedier room as "the Quiet spot!"  where people could have a chat instead of the party music - I must be getting old!  but there was sense as well - saving ones voice!

The party ended up moving on - as it so often does to a certain agents house!  The wonderful Jane!!! She's looked after us all so often, with her seemingly endless supply of gin and wine!!  That's what happens when you're so popular and get given so many gifts!! I was up quite late to say the least and ended up spending most of my day off in bed... SLEEPING!!  The sleep that I have been so desperately craving!!!  This snoozing was broken by a delicious steak dinner at the D&P, a quick Skype to "The Jarvo", a soak for my bruised and battered bones and then.... back to sleep!  What a day off!!!

So, I was all well, rested and bursting with energy for press night, which unfortunately did see a couple of extra cuts come my way.  It was a big shame to lose mine and PG's slapstick business with the axe BUT "that's showbiz!" and ultimately the cuts are only made to improve the pace of the show.  I think a little grieving from me and PG and the moment will soon pass!  It's a pitty you don't get "theatre extras" like you do on a DVD!  Maybe we'll set up a private viewing for anyone interested!  (I jest!)

My arnicare rubbing skills have developed enormously the past couple of days... bumps, bruises and lumps seem to be popping up from no where - it does mean I can justify having a bath every night to "soak away the pains!"

The feedback from press night has been great and the reviews will hopefully follow soon... positive if possible please Mr Critic!!  Apologies for the "Diary" delays... but I seem to be some kind of Internet curse as I've had no connection at the theatre or at home since the weekend!  Hopefully we're back on track!

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